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Connecting people and communities

Unite bus worker James Mitchell speaks out on green transport
Amanda Campbell, Sunday, September 8th, 2019

London bus worker, James Mitchell, joined the debate for buses and a green transport system, by speaking in support of this composite, as “Unite is the largest trade union for bus workers.”


He said, “Unite supports this important motion which recognises that public transport is not some added luxury – but an essential right. Bus services and public transport are all about making connections. We connect people, we connect communities – and in the case of this composite, we make sure our policies and ideas are also properly connected up.


“This means that both rail and road are not only an integral part of our ambitious public transport strategy – they are connected to our industrial strategy for rebuilding the economy and our environmental strategy for safeguarding this planet. Congress, you couldn’t find a better example of this than buses.


“You only need to look outside.Unite members manufacture and drive electric and hydrogen hybrid buses which are the cleanest in the world. That will include the new fleet of hybrid double deckers which will be servicing this very seafront.Congress, if we succeed in repealing Clause 21 of the Bus Services Act and free every council to run its own services it would mean our public money could be spent on services which meet our community and environmental needs.


“Low-priced, union organised, accessible transport, built on low carbon, green and union organised manufacturing. That’s working class communities supporting each other.That is what our movement exists for and that is why I call on you to support this Composite,” Mitchell concluded – which the did and the composite was carried.


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