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‘Farce has to end’

Unite GS McCluskey slams ‘shambolic’ Tories amid general election calls
Alex Flynn, Friday, May 24th, 2019

The ‘shambolic’ Conservative party is incapable of governing and a general election is the ‘only honourable’ way forward the leader of the UK and Ireland’s largest union, Unite said today (Friday May 24) after Theresa May announced that she is standing down as prime minister.


“Theresa May’s announcement today underscores what a mess the Conservative party is and that this party is actually now incapable of governing,” Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said.


“The shambolic handling of Brexit, the yawning inequalities in this country, our fraying public services and our once-proud manufacturing industry sliding into decline are the legacy of this prime minister and her woeful Tory government.


“It is a grave insult to the people of this country that our fate now lies in the hands of scheming Tory MPs and a few thousand Tory members.


“This farce has to end. The challenges before our country are too great and the need to restore fairness to our society too urgent, they are ill-served by this pantomime. A general election now is the only honourable and sensible way forward.”



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