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Use Unite’s pay tool to find where the money is – and what your boss earns
Ciaran Naidoo, Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Thousands of Unite union reps are using the union’s powerful online tool to generate pay claims as part of the union’s growing campaign to fight for increased pay and a fair share of company profits.


Unite’s new online tool means that in just a few minutes, union reps can arm themselves with the latest financial information and help prevent employers from claiming pay increases are not affordable.


Almost 2,500 Unite workplace representatives have already generated a pay claim using the Pay Claim Generator.


“Unite is developing tools like our new Pay Claim Generator to raise workers’ confidence. There are literally hundreds of companies that can afford to pay their workers more but refuse,” said Unite executive officer Sharon Graham (pictured).


“Now Unite members can see where the money is and what their bosses earn.  Following years of wage stagnation, it is time for workers to stop politely asking and to start demanding a proper pay rise,” she added.


Unite representatives at London Luton Airport used the union’s Pay Claim Generator as part of their campaign for a pay deal that recognises their contribution to the success of the business. Management offered to increase workers’ pay by just 2.15 per cent.


Access latest info

By accessing the latest up-to-date information from Companies House, the Office for National Statistics and the union’s own database containing the details of tens of thousands of pay deals.


The Pay Claim Generator revealed that Luton Airport has delivered an increase in turnover of 10.8 per cent to £163m; an increase in pre-tax profits to £44m; and a rise in profit generated per employee of 9.6 per cent.


It also showed that London Luton Airport is able to pay at least one of its directors the sum of £334,000.


It’s clear from this result that Unite is a union that campaigns for and delivers better pay and conditions for its members. Unite is winning at work based on three core values. Secure Work – fighting for jobs and job security, Strong Voice – a union which is a respected voice at work and Decent Pay – a union focused on pay and conditions.


For more on Unite’s Work Voice Pay see here


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