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Call for unity to beat Tory cuts

Welsh Labour adopts ‘One Member One Vote’
Shaun Noble, Monday, September 17th, 2018

A call for unity was made today (Monday September 17) by Unite, following the adoption of One Member One Vote-Plus (OMOV) by Welsh Labour for the election of its leaders.



“Unite is proud to support this new voting system that will deliver justice, fairness and equality. Our members believe that OMOV is the fairest system available to elect the next leader of Welsh Labour,” said Unite regional secretary for Wales, Peter Hughes. “OMOV will ensure everyone has a voice and everyone has an equal say.


He continued, “Unite, as the largest union in Wales, listened carefully to our members and we came to the conclusion that the previous electoral college system was divisive and undemocratic.


“Supporting OMOV does not mean that Unite Wales intends to step back from its involvement with the Welsh Labour party. We will continue to play a prominent role. Together we have achieved great things, and the possibilities for our movement are endless.


“As trade unionists, we can never allow ourselves to say we have more rights than the members.


“The adoption of OMOV at the weekend is about uniting and moving forward with strength for working people at the next assembly elections.


“Moving to OMOV will allow us all to win Labour for working people – it will allow our voices to be heard on policy issues that are the most important to ordinary people, their families and communities.


“Moving to OMOV will allow us to build a strong and broad alliance to win an assembly majority and continue to fight the harsh Tory cuts,” he concluded.


The adoption of the new system was made with a 64 per cent majority at a special conference at the weekend and will be in place when a successor to the first minister Carwyn Jones is chosen in the autumn.



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