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Grenfell fire police probe

The police’s investigation into possible corporate manslaughter charges relating to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, when an estimated 80 people died in the fire, was welcomed... Read More
Labour Conference 2017

‘We will not let you down’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn concluded the party’s conference – one of the most energised in years – with a stirring speech this afternoon (September 27)... Read More

Justice must be done

Unite announced today (Tuesday July 4) that it was providing legal representation for a number of the families involved in the Grenfell Tower tragedy and... Read More
News Feature

‘Pack your bags May’

“Tories out” was the defiant message delivered by thousands of anti-austerity protesters, as well Labour politicians and trade union leaders, who marched on Parliament this... Read More

Radical new approach call

Unite is calling for a radical new approach to construction regulations and safety laws, following the Grenfell Tower fire.   Unite has three key demands:... Read More

Opportunity to win

This week Theresa May announced the dodgy deal with the DUP to keep her government afloat.   The Conservatives’ desire to cling to power has... Read More
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‘Housing emergency’

Council houses are being sold off nearly three times as quickly as news ones are built, new figures reveal.   Under the Tories’ right-to-buy scheme... Read More
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Stripped down plans

Shambolic Theresa May was forced to ditch huge chucks of her manifesto from the Queen’s Speech today.   The blundering Prime Minister had to present... Read More