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Tax justice

During spring 2016 the country was rocked by a leak from the Mossack Fonseca legal firm in Panama that exposed the shadowy and complicated network... Read More
Labour Conference 2018

‘Eroded day by day’

The dire threat posed to health visiting in the UK has long been highlighted by Unite – and today (September 26) Unite delegate Joyce Still... Read More
News Feature

Trouble in Paradise?

An explosive data leak – one of the largest of its kind, containing more than 13m documents – showed the extent of tax avoidance among... Read More
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Invest in HMRC call

Britain’s richest people seem to be getting preferential treatment from the taxman and are not being properly pursued for their outstanding tax bills, according to... Read More

The case for hope

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell yesterday (May 17) addressed young people at the TUC, as he outlined Labour’s case to back Remain in next month’s momentous... Read More