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‘Sad state of affairs’

A rural charity is producing a “village survival guide” after a survey revealed that many countryside residents feel isolated and ignored.   Unite welcomed the... Read More
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Bring back AWB call

The annual Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival, held in Dorset each year, commemorates Britain’s first instance of trade unionism, when farmworkers first organised for better pay in... Read More
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Reduce the risks call

The nature of the agricultural industry means there will always be a safety risk. Yet those risks can be minimised the fact that this is... Read More
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Brexit berries threat

One of the UK’s biggest berry farms is moving part of its operations to China because it claims it can’t find enough workers.   However,... Read More

Under pressure

Mental health and stress in transport and food workplaces are right at the top of our agenda. Pressure to win contracts through undercutting in the relentless... Read More
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A bitter sweet Brexit?

A radical new vision for food and farming was warmly welcomed by the guest speakers and audience who attended the launch this week of a... Read More
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Just ‘grow more food’?

Ministers need to stop misleading the public over the impact of a hard Brexit, Unite has said, after transport secretary Chris Grayling claimed farmers could... Read More