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‘I didn’t get help’

Protracted isolation, long hours and stressful work conditions have created a toxic mix that’s fuelling mental health problems among British farm workers.   A new... Read More
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‘Complete disaster’

Government “no deal” plans to provide limited protections for domestic food producers under a zero import tariff regime would still be a “disaster” for the... Read More

‘Excellent deal’

Unite has negotiated an inflation busting pay increase for all workers at poultry producer Two Sisters working in its Midlands workplaces.   After extensive negotiations... Read More
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‘Irresponsible’ show

In an age when children’s lives are often dominated by smartphones, streaming TV and video games, there’s something doubtlessly alluring about the premise of the... Read More
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‘Sad state of affairs’

A rural charity is producing a “village survival guide” after a survey revealed that many countryside residents feel isolated and ignored.   Unite welcomed the... Read More
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Bring back AWB call

The annual Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival, held in Dorset each year, commemorates Britain’s first instance of trade unionism, when farmworkers first organised for better pay in... Read More