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‘Truly appalling’

Tens of thousands of sick and disabled people have been denied benefits they were legally entitled to because of “shoddy administration”, according to an official... Read More
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‘Human catastrophe’

The treatment of disabled people under the Tories is a “human catastrophe” the United Nations has said.   In a damning indictment, the UN Committee... Read More
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The Tories have imposed benefit sanctions lasting at least six months on nearly 6,000 sick and disabled people, shocking new figures show.   Department for... Read More
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A life without limits

They call autism the hidden disability and for some it is even hidden from themselves.   Unite workplace rep Ceri Wright, from Wales, was one... Read More

‘Still the aliens’

For those on the spectrum, every day is a guessing day – and with it the terrifying thought that something needing logic will happen. It is at... Read More