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General Election 2017 News Feature

Labour is once again proud

Six weeks ago when Theresa May called her opportunistic election it was understandable that there was a sharp intake of labour movement breath. Could we... Read More

Exit polls? Move over

Swingometers. Margins of error. Opinion Polls. Exit polls.   Aren’t you sick them? If not yet, then you will be.   What I learned from... Read More

Radical welfare cuts

The UK could very well join the US in being the only developed countries in the world that don’t offer statutory maternity pay, if the... Read More

Local votes count too

Unquestionably the focus this Thursday will be on the knife-edge general election long predicted by pollsters.   However it’s worth remembering that around England a... Read More

ConDem nation

They’ve hurt us – plain and simple.   Since the ConDem Coalition came in they’ve tried to sell off the NHS while running it into... Read More

Ed is the real deal

You might be forgiven for thinking that celebrities would vote Conservative given that they are up there with the country’s top earners, paying the highest... Read More