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GKN: a takeover too far

When Theresa May first promised a new industrial strategy for UK manufacturing, she claimed to be following in the footsteps of her political hero Joseph Chamberlain. It’s ironic then that... Read More
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‘Robust and credible plan’

Unite’s new Manufacturing Strategy won praise from MPs yesterday (November 29), with the document being hailed as a “robust and credible plan” by shadow ministers.... Read More


The basic design for the new Mini Electric car, which will be built in the UK, has been unveiled by BMW.   Unite hailed the... Read More
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‘Flesh on the bones

A post-Brexit industrial strategy must include comprehensive polices on the three pillars of infrastructure, innovation and investment, Unite said today (Monday July 24).   While... Read More
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Inadequate ‘strategy’

Theresa May unveiled her new industrial strategy today (January 23) to a chorus of criticisms that the plan is inadequate and does not offer commitment... Read More