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Zero-hours contracts down

The government on Tuesday (August 14) hailed the latest labour market figures as it highlighted the fall in unemployment and the first significant drop in zero-hours contracts... Read More
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Insecure work ‘scandal’

During the last few weeks numerous stories about insecure workers – whether those working for agencies, on zero-hour contracts or toiling under bogus self-employment –... Read More
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There’s an unmistakable look that night workers have after a long shift – pink-eyed and delirious.   As the rest of the world starts their... Read More
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‘I felt humiliated’

It’s an open secret – most recently brought to public attention after allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein – that sexual harassment is common in... Read More
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Wages have fallen for the sixth month in a row even as unemployment has dropped to its lowest level in more than 40 years, the... Read More