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News Feature

Scrap the cap

When Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday (September 27) in his conference speech that Labour is now “the political mainstream” he was clearly on to... Read More
Labour Conference 2017

‘We will not let you down’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn concluded the party’s conference – one of the most energised in years – with a stirring speech this afternoon (September 27)... Read More
General Election 2017 News Feature

Labour is once again proud

Six weeks ago when Theresa May called her opportunistic election it was understandable that there was a sharp intake of labour movement breath. Could we... Read More

War on late payments

Jeremy Corbyn said on Tuesday (April 11) that a Labour government would “declare war” on the late payment of invoices, describing the issue as a... Read More
Brexit News Feature

A people’s Brexit

The government has “wrapped Brexit up in fake patriotic posturing” and must not be allowed to turn Britain into “bargain basement tax haven”, Jeremy Corbyn... Read More