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London United

A campaign to tackle the alarming surge in far right extremism in the UK and across Europe will be launched by trade unions and party... Read More

‘Hope over hate’

Today, Unite members will be coming together in central London from across the country to join thousands of trade unionists and anti-racist campaigners to stand... Read More
Labour Conference 2018

Core to future democracy

Yesterday (Sunday September 23) James Mitchell, on behalf of Unite, spoke to a packed Labour Party conference in Liverpool in favour of BAME proposals in... Read More
TUC 2018

No place in democracy

Unite delegate Claire Lees today (September 12) told a packed TUC conference how pleased she was to be able to second an emergency motion submitted... Read More
TUC 2018

‘We must do more’

Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner gave a stirring speech in support of an emergency motion on tackling racism and the rise of the far... Read More