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Norfolk’s transport woes

New years are supposed to be about positive new starts, however in Norfolk job loss announcements that began in 2018 continued into 2019 after another... Read More
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Driven to exhaustion

For many people, falling asleep at work can certainly come with consequences – being reprimanded by your boss or even losing your job. But for... Read More
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The truck stops here?

The health of lorry drivers is increasingly at risk because of inadequate truck stop facilities, Unite has warned.   The union called on government and... Read More

Under pressure

Mental health and stress in transport and food workplaces are right at the top of our agenda. Pressure to win contracts through undercutting in the relentless... Read More
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Access denied

Using the toilet is a great leveller of humanity – even the highest paid fat cats have to “spend a penny”.   As such it... Read More