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Living wage win

Unite has notched up a further victory in its  campaign to make London’s largest social enterprise leisure services’ provider Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) pay the... Read More
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Left in the dark

Yesterday (Sunday September 9) Unite delegate Syed Nahid Uddin spoke to a packed hall at Trade Union Congress conference in Manchester in support of motion 31... Read More

The generation gap

Young people in the South West are struggling in low-paid, insecure jobs as their older peers fare better, according to new TUC research showing a... Read More

‘Lost wages’

London living wage (LLW) accredited councils have outsourced work to a leisure services provider that is “short changing” up to a 1,000 young people by... Read More
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No escape

Low-wage work has for many people become a sinkhole from which there may be no escaping, new research has shown.   One in five people... Read More
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‘Life lesson’

How do trade unionists first become members? Many will join when they have a problem at work, while others might get involved earlier, if say,... Read More
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Zero-hours contracts up

Zero-hours contracts are again on the rise, according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published yesterday (April 23).   The contracts,... Read More