❤ Unions week is back

Celebrating in song the work unions do all year round

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Next Monday, February 8 sees the fifth annual Heart Unions week where trade union members and workers across the country come together to celebrate the amazing things unions do.

 The last year has been a year like no other, the pandemic, into and out of lockdown, the sad and high number of deaths and the pressures at work, home and in life in general.

 But unions have helped step into the breach. They’ve helped secure jobs, kept the pressure on government to extend furlough, fought for PPE and fair pay, heaped praise on our key workers and all workers, made sure that mental health is taken seriously and ensured that by people working together they are stronger together.

 But as well as the political fight, there’s also the need for downtime, and one way of celebrating this ❤ Unions week is with music. That’s why we’ve drawn up a playlist of songs featuring unions and messages of hope or change.

 Music moves people in many ways and the tracks range from rock to rap, to folk and back, so why not have a listen and let us know what you think?

 And why not set up a listening party as part of ❤ Unions week, or just invite a few friend to a Zoom and play a few tracks for fun and have a dance around your living room.

 A bit of life affirming disco – or whatever type of music you want – is a good way to celebrate the work of unions and have fun at the same time.  Here’s 15 tracks with a union theme, why not comment on our choices or even create and share your own one.

 In the words of the Pete Seeger, “Solidarity Forever … the union makes us strong.”

By Mik Sabiers

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