‘A Britain built to last’

Unite GS urges Starmer for reshaped economy vision

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Following on from Sir Keir Starmer’s speech to the Labour Party conference today, October 10, Unite said that it was clear Britain needed a Labour government and a reshaped economy relevant to working people.

UNITElive gives Unite members a handy view of the topics of interests he spoke about.

His theme was ‘A Britain built to last.’ In his overall vision he referenced of particular interest to Unite members, a country where “ambulances come”, “the minimum wage is enforced”, and “where working people are respected”.

He added that Britain would have, “A future where we believe worker rights are good for growth,” and where, “we can fight alongside working people in the name of justice and opportunity.”


On the NHS, using the money from scrapping the non-dom tax status, Keir Starmer pledged to boost capacity in the health service.

Among the pledges, he said, “We will invest that money in boosting capacity. We will get the NHS working round the clock.  And we will pay staff properly to do it – more operations, more appointments, more diagnostic tests.

“You will be seen more quickly, in an NHS clearing the backlog seven days a week.”

Workers’ rights

Developing the theme of workers’ rights, Keir pledged to scrap zero-hours’ contracts, end fire and rehire, make work pay with a real living wage, “and say unambiguously this is good for growth.”

Industrial strategy

Unite has long argued for an industrial strategy and Keir believed that “government must steer the ship on industrial policy. That’s a crucial part of any plan for growth.”

He outlined the strategy as “standing with business to invest in the critical infrastructure we need”. This included the “battery gigafactories and clean British steel.” 

The strategy also included a “real boost for the automotive industry” and “a new direction for skills”.

‘Devil in the detail’

Commenting on Keir Starmer’s speech to Labour conference today, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “It is clear the country needs a Labour government. The programme outlined by Keir for jobs and investment is much needed. As always the devil will be in the detail.

“Workers and communities are suffering and they cannot pay the price for a crisis not of their making.

“That is why Labour now needs to lay out a vision for a reshaped economy. Dealing with the ‘big ticket’ items including taking energy back into public ownership.

“Growth is important but it will take time. A two trillion pound plus economy must be able to ensure workers and their communities get a better deal and that they receive an equal piece of the pie.”

By Amanda Campbell

Pic by Mark Thomas