'Another great deal won by Unite'

Unite secures massive pay rise of over 20% for McPherson HGV drivers

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Unite the union has secured a basic pay increase of more than 20 per cent over two years for HGV drivers employed by McPherson Limited, raising the workers’ wages by at least £2200 this year.

The Elgin-based logistics company, which transports goods all over Scotland, has agreed with Unite the pay deal for around 300 drivers with a 9.4 per cent increase on basic pay achieved for 2022, and a further 10.01 per cent on top of that for 2023, taking it to 20.35 per cent over 2 years.

Unite has also secured significant improvements to a number of working benefits such as overtime rates, which will rise by 15.5 per cent this year and 12.4 per cent in 2023. New vehicles used for distance work will also be installed with microwaves and fridges.

It is estimated that the deal will deliver an improvement on the basic pay of McPherson HGV drivers by a minimum of £2200 over the course of a year. The deal will also frontload the payments for the two years over the course of six months with the pay increase for 2022 coming into effect from July, and in January for 2023.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Our members at McPherson’s have secured a really significant increase not only to their basic pay but across all rates including overtime. It’s another great deal won by Unite and demonstrates once again that in this living costs crisis, Unite delivers better jobs, pay and conditions for our members.”

Unite industrial officer, Marc Jackson, added, “Unite is delighted to secure such a great deal across the board for our members at McPherson’s. We have also doubled our shop stewards who have done a great job negotiating with the company. The deal provides a fantastic springboard for the future, and it will help retain and attract people to the industry.”

By Andrew Brady

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