BAE systems apprentices recruitment drive

Unite celebrates BAE Systems 'much needed' apprenticeship commitment

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Unite has welcomed the announcement today (December 17) that BAE Systems will recruit 1,250 new trainees in 2021 as much needed positive news for the UK’s aerospace sector,

The trainees will be split between 850 apprentices and 400 graduate roles. Over 75 per cent of the apprentices and 50 per cent of the graduate roles will be based in northern England.

Unite has further welcomed BAE’s announcement that it has recruited 20 displaced apprentices who lost their training opportunity when their parent company was no longer able to continue with their programme.

Unite assistant general secretary for manufacturing Steve Turner said, “BAE’s announcement is tremendously positive news for UK manufacturing.

“It is absolutely essential that despite the pandemic companies continue to invest in the future.

“For those wanting to start their working life in this industry, this is particularly great news, especially with opportunities for young workers few and far between thanks to the pandemic,” he added.

“Without a steady stream of apprentices there is a real danger of skills being lost. Apprentices are the future of the UK’s manufacturing industry.

“Continuing apprentice recruitment is essential to tackle the long-term skills crisis which is holding back UK manufacturing.

“Companies that invest in skills will be the ones that are in the best place to meet the challenges of a post-Covid world and will be in pole position to win new contracts when work in sectors such as aerospace, recover from the recession,” Turner went on to say.

“It is vital that other companies follow BAE’s lead and make clear commitments to continue to recruit apprentices. It is also essential that the government plays a far more active role in encouraging and supporting the recruitment of apprentices throughout the manufacturing supply chain.”

By Barckley Sumner

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