British Airways check-in dispute over

British Airways check-in workers accept significant 13 per cent pay offer

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The prospect of industrial action by check-in staff employed by British Airways at Heathrow airport has ended after workers accepted a significant pay offer.

Over 500 members of Unite had overwhelmingly voted for industrial action as a result of British Airways refusing to reinstate the 10 per cent pay cut imposed on the workforce during the pandemic.

However, following extensive negotiations the company made a new offer which members were balloted on and accepted.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “This is a great result for our check-in members at British Airways. By standing together, they have forced a corporate giant like BA to do the right thing and restore levels of pay slashed in the pandemic.

“This is a further example of how Unite’s relentless focus on winning better jobs, pay and conditions for its members is delivering.”

The offer, which will be paid in several stages, is worth 13 per cent for the workers. In addition to the increase in pay rates, shift pay reductions that were forced on workers in 2020 will be reversed from October 2022.

Unite regional officer Russ Ball added, “Special praise needs to be given to Unite’s reps, who were critical to ensuring this dispute was a success. Their hard work, dedication and commitment has been essential to ensuring that members had the confidence to support industrial action and that workers were fully informed throughout the dispute.”

The GMB union also had members involved in the dispute.

Ryan Fletcher

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