Clarks to slash jobs

Shoemaker Clarks job losses ‘bitter blow’ for Somerset workers

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The announcement of more than 100 jobs losses at the headquarters of shoemaker Clarks in Somerset is a ‘bitter blow’ for staff and the local economy, Unite said today (May 21). 

The job losses are part of a plan to cut around 700 Clarks jobs worldwide over the next 18 months, with 160 job losses announced today, including 108 at the firm’s warehouse and central offices in Street. 

Unite, which represents a significant number of Clarks staff in Street and across the UK, is fighting to save jobs and called on the company to ensure that any job losses are voluntary and to find alternative roles for those workers who wish to remain with the firm. 

Unite regional officer Gareth Lowe said, “This is a bitter blow for Clarks workers particularly coming during such uncertain times. Clarks is Street’s biggest employer and Somerset’s regional economy will also be dealt a heavy blow by these losses. 

“Unite is fighting to save as many jobs as possible and we call on Clarks to ensure that only voluntary job losses that include generous leaving packages are carried out. Clarks should also do its utmost to find alternative roles for those workers who wish to continue working with the firm,” he added.

“We are working with Clarks to protect against further losses, with the aim of maintaining the firm’s long-term place as a major local employer.”

By Ryan Fletcher

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