Climate change workers get Unite on their side

Hope for the Future climate change charity workers choose Unite as their union

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Climate change campaigners have joined Unite in a further demonstration that the union’s clear focus on jobs, pay and conditions is resonating with workers.

Hope for the Future is a climate charity with offices in Sheffield, London and Liverpool. It works to equip communities, groups and individuals with the tools they need to communicate the urgency of climate change to politicians.

The Hope for the Future workers chose to be represented by Unite because they saw the union standing up for workers and winning disputes across the country throughout the current cost of living crisis.

The newly unionised workers believe there is no prospect of a just transition while combating climate change without a well organised and assertive labour movement.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham said, “The Hope for the Future workers have now got Unite on their side.

“This recognition deal is further proof that Unite’s powerful record of winning disputes and fighting for jobs, pay and conditions is resonating with workers.”

Currently, the recognition deal covers 22 workers but the charity intends to continue growing over the coming years. There was no opposition from the employers to the workers forming a union and signing a trade union recognition agreement with Unite.

By Ciaran Naidoo

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