'DHL - shame on you!'

WATCH: Unite GS Sharon Graham on the picket line amid DHL Aviation strike

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Unite general secretary Sharon Graham gave an inspiring speech on the picket line during the DHL Aviation strike at East Midlands Airport this week (February 28).

The striking workers, who are responsible for bringing critical medical supplies as well as other cargo into the UK, worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. They played a crucial role in bringing lifesaving drugs and equipment into the UK despite not being issued the required PPE.

Despite their dedication, DHL has now been exposed of systemically reducing their pay in real terms. The workers, many of whom are paid less than £11 an hour, began an extended pay dispute last month and are set to take 24 days of industrial action during February and March.

You can watch Sharon Graham’s full speech on the picket line in the video below:

DHL Aviation East Midlands Airport strike - Sharon Graham speaks on picket line
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