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Unite GS Sharon Graham hails ‘the power that is in our union’ in closing remarks to policy conference

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In her closing remarks to Unite policy conference on Friday (October 22) Unite general secretary Sharon Graham heralded the huge success of the week’s debates and discussions and issued a call to action for all union members.

She told conference, “I think we have had a very successful week. We have had a host of vital debates and reached landmark decisions but perhaps the most significant element of the entire week is the fact that we have been able, at last, to meet together. Meeting together to allow us to feel the power that is in our union”.

She said that her pride in being elected as the general secretary of the union had been deepened by the events of the week.

“Our debates and discussions have made me all the more proud of the strength, power and organisation of the union. We go forward together, united to defend our members, as never before, because we face challenging times, as never before.”

Sharon thanked all those who had made the conference such a success, including the staff at the ACC conference centre who had made things run so smoothly.

The general secretary finished with a rallying call, declaring that perhaps the most important declaration of the week was made in our own presentation which explained that “Action not Words” would be the defining motto of her time as general secretary.

She said, “There is no political saviour riding over the hill to save us. We are the answer to all the problems that face us, all our pressures and difficulties – the union defending workers and fighting for a better deal. Unite – fighting for jobs pay and conditions!”

By UniteLive team

Pic by Mark Thomas

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