'Fire and rehire' bill blocked but Unite battles on

Unite GS Sharon Graham: blocking 'fire and rehire' bill will 'not affect Unite's resolve in any way'

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Labour Mp Barry Gardiner’s Bill on’ fire and rehire’ was today (October 22) blocked by the government after Tory MPs were instructed to oppose the bill, which would make ‘fire and rehire’ practices illegal.

Unite has spearheaded a long-running campaign against ‘fire and rehire’ contracts, which have grown in popularity with employers over the course of the pandemic. Although expressing disappointment at today’s outcome, Unite has vowed to continue fighting fire and rehire in the workplace.

Commenting, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “The antics of the Conservative party today have been a disgrace. They have colluded to stand on the side of bullying bosses and against the interests of workers, showing their real colours. So the hypocrisy of the Tory party was on full display for all to see. They say one thing, but do another.

“But their lamentable filibustering in the Gardiner debate will not affect our resolve in any way,” she added. “They can say what they like in Parliament. On the ground, Unite will fight every employer’s attempt to ‘fire and rehire’ relentlessly.”

Unite is dedicated to advancing the jobs, pay and conditions of its members and will fight back against any efforts to diminish workers’ living standards.

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