‘Fix furlough and extend it now’

Unite urges govt to extend job retention scheme

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Urging the government to extend the job retention scheme, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey today (January 26) said, “The government mustn’t repeat the mistake of the last time round when it delayed on extending the job retention scheme (JRS) only to do so at the eleventh hour. That dithering sent workers to the dole queue.

“All we’re asking for is the same stability as our competitors. Italy, France and Germany all have superior and lengthier furlough schemes. They will emerge from this crisis in a far better shape than this country as a result.

“The government must make state now that the JRS will be extended.  Workers and employers can’t wait until March for the Budget.  Fix furlough and extend it, now.”

By UNITElive team

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