Football fans and Unite team up to tackle food poverty in Glasgow

Football Fans Supporting Foodbanks and trade unionists to deliver food to three food pantries in Glasgow

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Unite is teaming up with Fans Supporting Foodbanks who will travel to Glasgow from Liverpool ahead of the Rangers vs Liverpool Champions’ League group game today (October 12).

They will team up with fans from a number of clubs including Rangers and Celtic to deliver food to foodbanks in the City of Glasgow.

Research conducted by the leading polling company Survation across seven Glasgow constituencies has revealed shocking figures. Over 152,000 residents – 24 per cent – are experiencing moderate to severe levels of food poverty.

The movement is part of Unite’s grassroots strategy called ‘Unite for a Workers’ Economy’ and is about bringing change to ‘heartland’ communities following the failure of politicians to act.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said,“There is one thing fans can agree on; hunger doesn’t wear club colours. But the levels of food poverty in our communities is disgraceful. Politicians should be ashamed for allowing hunger to grip our communities on this scale, so we are joining forces and taking matters into our own hands.

“This is an important initiative and it’s just the beginning. Unite intends to build power in our workplaces and simultaneously organise in our communities. Unite will establish permanent bases on the ground in Glasgow to work with workers within their communities to deliver an economy that works for them.”

On Wednesday Fans Supporting Foodbanks on Merseyside are arranging a delivery of food, part-donated and part-purchased by FSF Merseyside and Unite the Union, to Glasgow on Wednesday 12th October. The shipment will be sent on the Liverpool Spirit of Shankly coach with supporters travelling to the Rangers v Liverpool Champions’ League group game.

On Thursday following the game, Scottish Fans Supporting Foodbanks, including Celtic and Rangers fans along with Unite members will be distributing the provisions around Glasgow to three food pantries around Govanhill, Ruchazie and Castlemilk.

Unite for a Workers’ Economy’ launched with a major national billboard campaign across key battle-ground seats up and down the UK, including Grimsby, Glasgow, Hull, Leigh, Barrow, Workington, Morecombe, Derby and Crawley.

By Ciaran Naidoo

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