Future Labour government must fix broken economy

Labour’s “government on a mission” could be confronted with “Mission Impossible” unless the party confronts the broken economy

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Commenting on Labour leader Keir Starmer’s speech in Manchester, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Keir Starmer’s speech in Manchester today offered a vision of what a Labour government could mean for the British people after 13 years of Tory ‘sticking plaster politics’ serving vested interests. So Unite welcomes the promise of ‘a government on a mission’.

“However, Keir’s ‘5 Missions for a Better Britain’ can only actually be delivered if the next Labour government is prepared to deal with Britain’s broken economy and its inherent inequalities,” she added. “For this he must make very different choices, otherwise, the “government on a mission” will be confronted with Mission Impossible.

“Workers and communities cannot pay for the crisis. Keir needs to rule out austerity mark 2 and rule in dealing with rampant profiteering, using that money to pay for the black hole and the broken economy,” Graham went on to say. “Growth is fine but what is the point of a bigger pie if the same people divide it?”

By UniteLive team