Gatwick pay win

Unite Gatwick workers win 21% pay increase

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Over 300 workers at Gatwick airport will benefit from a 21 per cent pay increase thanks to Unite, the UK’s leading aviation union.

The workers are employed by Wilson James on the mobility contract at Gatwick. They are responsible for assisting passengers with mobility issues through the airport, including helping them on and off planes.

The pay deal has been backdated to 1 April and Unite has secured agreement for Wilson James to pay for free parking at the airport for all its workers on the contract.

In addition, Unite has secured a 10 per cent pay increase for 200 workers employed by British Airways Gatwick Ground Handlers (GGS). The workforce is responsible for the ground handling operations for all British Airways and Vueling aircraft using the airport.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “These deals are a clear signal to other aviation companies. They are an example of what needs to be done to attract and retain workers in aviation.

“This is how Unite responds to the current crisis in aviation – we are forcing pay up and improving working conditions in a sector that for too long has kept wages at rock bottom.”

Unite regional officer Andrew Stanley Ward added, “These victories have been achieved through the hard work and dedication of Unite’s reps at both companies. They are further evidence of this union’s focus on improving the jobs, pay and conditions of our aviation members.”

By Barckley Sumner

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