GB Terminals staff beat back fire and rehire

Strikes by Sheerness dock workers employed by GB Terminals called off after workers defeat ‘fire and rehire’ threat

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Strikes by Sheerness dock workers employed by GB Terminals have ended after the company backed down over fire and rehire plans, Unite, the UK’s leading union, said today (February 1).

More than 30 staff, who process Volkswagen Group vehicles that arrive in Sheerness by car transporter ferry, would have been impacted by GB Terminals’ plans to change minimum overtime hours through fire and rehire.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “GB Terminals staff beat back the threat of fire and rehire by taking collective action as members of Unite.

“As a union where defending our members’ jobs, pay and conditions is always front and centre, the abhorrent practice of fire and rehire is an anathema that Unite will never fail to stand up to.”

Strikes scheduled for February and March have now been cancelled, with staff returning to work as normal.

Discussions over potential job cuts are ongoing, but Unite said it was ‘confident’ that a solution can be found that will satisfy both the employer and the workforce.

Unite regional officer Phil Silkstone added, “GB Terminals have now taken fire and rehire off the table and we are confident that ongoing talks over job cuts can be resolved without the need for further industrial action.

“Our members’ successful defence against fire and rehire shows why it is so important for workers to join a union.”

By Ryan Fletcher

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