GE Steam Power workers to strike

Rugby pay strikes begin at GE Steam Power’s historic factory

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Workers at GE Steam Power’s historic factory in Rugby will begin pay strikes on Thursday (February 18), Unite has said.

More than 75 Unite members, comprising nearly the entirety of the factory’s workforce, will take 12 days of strike action between February 18 and May 2.

The dispute is over GE Steam Power’s refusal to negotiate over flexible working payments and the expectation that workers will take on new roles without extra pay.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “Our members at GE Steam Power deserve a fair wage and are determined to achieve this. Management would be wise to recognise the strength of feeling at the plant and come back to the table with a much-improved offer.

“Unite is here to defend and improve our members’ jobs, terms and conditions and the Rugby workforce has the union’s full support during these strikes, which will bring the factory to a complete halt.”

The Rugby site, which was founded in 1897, manufactures industrial plant steam turbine equipment.

As well as halting production, the strikes will also disrupt the site’s repair and refurbishment service for steam rotating equipment.

Unite regional officer Zoe Mayou said, “The workers’ grievances over flexible working and other payments have been unaddressed for years. Time and again, the company has wasted our members’ time by attending negotiations, which they have then stone-walled.

“Shopfloor workers have had enough of the management’s arrogant and dismissive approach. Strikes will continue until an offer is put forward that meets our members’ expectations.”

By Ryan Fletcher

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