'Good news in challenging economic times'

Unite broadly welcomes JLR’s Reimagine strategy

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Unite has broadly welcomed today’s (February 15) announcement  by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) of its Reimagine strategy that will mean no plant closures and no compulsory job losses.

Unite said that this is ‘good news in challenging economic times’ for the company’s estimated 40,000 UK employees.

The strategy aims to promote and develop Jaguar as an all-electric luxury brand from 2025.

Unite national officer for the automotive industries Des Quinn said, “Unite understands the need for a re-evaluation of the direction of travel for the Jaguar Land Rover brands and the challenges facing the business given the events of recent years.

“These pressures included the slump in global automotive sales; the fallout of ‘Dieselgate’ and tighter regulation around emissions which have been compounded by lack of confidence due to the Brexit process and the effects of the worldwide pandemic,” he added.

“For those reasons, we welcome the Reimagine programme and the vision for the company in the future.

“However, this is not unconditional support,” Quinn noted. “Assurances of no plant closures and no compulsory job losses have been sought and given, and it is on this basis only that we will work with the company to meet the challenges of the future.”

“A green and clean future for the JLR and the planet is ‘a must’ so sustainability will be key in everything we do, including world class product development and generating manufacturing employment.

“The Reimagine strategy lays the foundation for an electric future, and the investment and advent of new technology are good news in challenging economic times.”

By Shaun Noble

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