Hello, Goodbye

Unite’s Joy Johnson’s hard-hitting commentary in poetry

Reading time: 2 min

Platforms abuzz. For pole position passengers jostle.

Eyes reveal a mix of nervousness and hesitation.

An eruption of joy. Hands grasped. Fingers entwined.

Clinging tightly. A ready caress on recognition.

For those leaving there is a hint of sadness.

Eyes betray a look of weariness. An absence of elation.

Through the window alongside the train children ran.

Ubiquitous trainers, skinny jeans. Innocent. Joyous emotion.

Blowing kisses and waving. Even strangers smile. Wake up.

Misplaced nostalgia? A product of my imagination?

Platforms blocked. Passengers corralled. Hands crack.

Sore and raw with the obligatory sanitisation.

A smile, masked with a patterned face covering. Heads down.

Eyes averted. Overwhelmed by a sense of alienation

For today and tomorrow – hands pressed on the window.

Reach out. Do not despair. 2021 and vaccination.

*Title – inspired by Beatles song

By Joy Johnson, Unite political department

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