'It's a really tough balancing act'

Single mum Melanie highlights her struggles on Universal Credit – and why the government must keep the £20-a-week uplift

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Earlier this week, Labour forced a vote on stopping a £20-a-week cut to Universal Credit payments. With 278 votes in favour of the Labour motion after a majority of Tory MPs abstained, the government is now facing renewed pressure to halt the planned cut to Universal Credit.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the government increased UC payments by £20 a week, which has been a lifeline for millions of families both in and out of work during the worst economic crisis in generations. But now the government has so far refused to commit to extending the extra payment beyond its planned April deadline.

Single mum Melanie spoke to James Pienaar of Times Radio this week, explaining why the £20 a week has made such a massive difference for her family, especially at a time when food prices have risen since the start of the pandemic. You can hear her powerful testimony in the clip below:

Clip compiled by Martin Scanlon

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