‘Losing a lifeline to the outside world’

Unite: UK govt must fund TV licences for the over 75s

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Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner says:

Unite is demanding the reinstatement of free TV licences for the over 75s. Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable older pensioners will lose a lifeline to the outside world.

For so many the TV is their company, their source of news. So while pensioners are asked to stay home and isolate they won’t be able to watch the TV.

For many there’ll be a choice. The TV, paying bills or putting food on the table. We’re talking about a generation here that fought in the war, that built our NHS. People that have paid taxes all their lives so that in retirement they can live in dignity.

But the government pulled a fast one when they transferred the cost of providing free TV licences for the over 75s onto the BBC. This is a benefit for pensioners and it should be paid for by government through taxation.

This is a disgrace. And the government needs to act immediately and pay the TV licence fee for all over 75s.

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Compiled by Martin Scanlon and Amanda Campbell

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