More aerospace job losses in Derbyshire

Unite vows to minimise job losses at Derbyshire-based aerospace company

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On a grim day for UK workers with thousands of job losses being announced, Unite says that it will fight to minimise job losses at aerospace component manufacturer Trelleborg Sealing Solution.

The South Derbyshire company has suffered a 40 per cent slump in work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic amid the severe downturn for the entire aviation sector.

Trelleborg, which has heavily invested in its facility in recent years, is seeking to make 60 out of 137 workers redundant.

Unite is entering into consultations with the company to reduce the number of job losses.

Unite regional officer Katie Morris said, “This is a further blow to the aerospace industry in the East Midlands.

“Dozens of our members and their families will be feeling heartbroken and fearful tonight but we will do our very best by them,” he added.

“There is no doubt in our mind that these job losses are a direct result of the UK government’s failure to provide targeted sector-specific support, unlike other countries such as France and Germany, which have provided billions to protect their aerospace industry.

“Unite expects to enter into constructive consultations with Trelleborg. We’re determined to keep job losses to an absolute minimum and on a voluntary basis.”

Unite has launched a campaign to protect aerospace jobs including a comprehensive plan to secure the long term future of the UK aerospace industry, it is based around three clear aims for the sector: Survive, Rebuild and Recover.

By Barckley Sumner

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