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Newham bin workers announce two more weeks of strike action as workers “rubbish” the Mayor’s misleading pay claims

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Unite has issued Newham borough council with notice of a further two weeks of strike action starting on Tuesday, September 20, ending Monday, October 3. The 1st phase of action began on Saturday, August 27 and ended on Saturday, September 3.

The refuse collectors have “rubbished” Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz’s preposterous claims that the workers have been offered a pay deal of up to 17.9 per cent by the council. Unite says the misleading claims posted on the council website do Newham residents and the workers a disservice.

The council’s offer is worth a “measly” £950 – only if workers work every bank holiday week. In reality, Bosses in Newham have offered zero per cent on workers’ basic pay. (see notes to editors)

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “The borough needs to stop peddling misinformation and get on with the job of negotiating an end to the strike. Obviously the workers would not be on strike if these claims about huge pay rises were real.

“The workers are now prepared to take strike action for a further two weeks. They have Unite’s complete support. Newham council must realise that game playing won’t end the dispute.”

130 loaders and drivers employed by the London Borough of Newham are taking strike action. Pickets will be in place between 5.30am – 2pm each day of the strike at Central Depot, Folkstone Road, London, E6 6BX.

Unite regional officer Steve Edwards added, “The council’s claim that these workers have been offered a deal worth up to 17.9 per cent is absolute rubbish. In reality the council has offered no new money to increase the workers’ basic pay – that’s why there’s a strike.

“So, it’s time the council got serious about negotiating a deal because the workers are standing firm.”

By Ciaran Naidoo

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