No more tragedies at Liverpool Airport call

Unite members stage demonstration to make road near Liverpool Airport safe after beloved colleague killed by reckless driver

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Dozens of Unite members working for Liverpool John Lennon Airport joined a Make Hale Road Safe Campaign demonstration on Tuesday (November 8).

The campaign is demanding that both the airport and local leaders take action to ensure greater safety of the currently treacherous Hale Road, after Unite member and Ryanair cabin crew worker Cinzia Ceravolo was killed by a reckless driver as she attempted to cross the road on her way home in August.

Unite has highlighted that the airport’s workers, many of whom are on low wages, have no other choice but to cross Hale Road after their shifts because the only other option – an express drop-off point – would mean workers having to pay £4 each time to have a taxi or family or friends pick them up.

The Make Hale Road Safe Campaign has also pointed out that lack of a pedestrian crossing and no enforcement of speed limits has made Hale Road particularly dangerous.

Tuesday’s demonstration was an especially poignant tribute to much-loved colleague and Unite member Cinzia, who died from head injuries after being struck by a car on Hale Road in August.

Below are highlights in pictures from the demo – you can find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved on our campaign page here.

Photos by Mark Harvey