No ‘silly posturing’; no return to austerity

Unite slams PM Sunak on strikes – and says to Starmer ‘no return to austerity’

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Today January 5, Unite slammed PM Sunak’s ‘silly posturing’ on strikes as reported in his new year’s message yesterday, calling it ‘an abdication of leadership.’ Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said to Sunak that it was negotiations that were needed to resolve the country’s crises.

And as far as Labour was concerned, leader Starmer’s message was firmly told that there must not be a return to austerity.

Responding to the latest government threats to the right to strike trailed in today’s papers, “Yet again, Rishi Sunak abdicates his responsibility as a leader,” Graham commented.

“Instead of silly posturing and game playing, he should step up to the plate, act as a leader and start negotiating to resolve the crises his government has created.

“The game is up – everyday people can see through the Tories’ web of lies. They can see that this government is not interested in ensuring that workers and communities get their fair share. This is a government for the rich and powerful. 

“Whatever the latest scheme the government comes up with to attack us, unions will continue to defend workers.”

Clear lines for Labour – no ‘tinkering round edges’

Responding to the new year’s speech by Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “With every passing day, it gets clearer that this country is in deep crisis. The economy is broken and the government is prioritising the wealthy few over everyday people.

“The burning question of 2023 is who will pay for the crisis? That will be the same question for whoever is in government. 

“Right now our NHS is being deliberately run down and workers and communities are being lined up for another round of austerity.

“So I want to hear Labour make it abundantly clear that the choices it will make will not lead to austerity – that we will not be getting some new buzz word that amounts to continued cuts to services and pay.

“They cannot afford to tinker around the edges. We are a wealthy country and the money is there. We now need a government that is committed to making different choices.”

Compiled by Amanda Campbell @amanda_unite