Royal London hospital strikes off

Royal London hospital strikes suspended as Serco offers major concessions in bullying and roster dispute

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Strike action at the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, involving back of house catering staff, has been suspended after their employer, outsourcing giant Serco, largely capitulated to the workers’ demands.

The workers took five days of strike last month as a last resort, as they had been trying to resolve problems around an unworkable roster system and bullying for a year, without success.

Following talks at the conciliation service Acas last week, Serco has agreed to adopt a workable roster system and the manager accused of bullying will be moved from the department and provided with training.

As a consequence Unite has suspended the latest five day strike, which was due to start today (July 5), in order to consult its members on the offer and to allow for the exact details of the deal to be finalised.

Unit regional officer Ruth Hydon said, “This is a tremendous victory for our members who have stood together and faced down Serco, a multinational company.

“This dispute was about our members seeking fairness and decency in the workplace,” she added.

“The workforce simply wanted to be able to undertake their roles without being bullied and to be able to undertake caring duties and to study when not required to work.

“The Acas talks were a huge breakthrough as Serco finally agreed to act on the concerns that Unite has been raising with them for nearly a year,” Hydon continued.

“Providing that the final deal is in line with what was offered last week, this dispute should be resolved and there will be no further disruption to the meals patients receive at the hospital.”

A further five days of strike action are scheduled for next week beginning on Monday, July 12, but Unite will call off this action once the deal is finalised.

Barckley Sumner

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