Sick pay win for construction workers

Unite campaign secures sick pay for 19,000 Keir Group workers as union urges other construction employers to follow suit

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Following a campaign by Unite, the union for construction workers, construction giant the Keir Group has agreed to implement sick pay across the company.

19,000 workers working for the Keir Group on highways and construction will now receive sick pay of up to £100 per day from day one of their illness, a vast improvement on the statutory rate which can be as little as £16 per day.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “This is a much-needed step forward in an industry which is notorious for insecure pay and an inadequate safety record. We urge other construction employers to provide the same cover for their workers.

“Thanks to the terrific efforts of Unite team, 19,000 Keir workers now have added protection when sick. This is what Unite does, it protects the jobs, pay and conditions of our members.”

Unite regional officer for the construction sector Malcolm Bonnett added, “Unite has been campaigning hard to end the discrimination on sick pay for construction workers so we’re delighted by this victory. Statutory sick pay in the UK is the lowest in Europe so it was vital we persuaded the employer, a wealthy business, that they had a duty to pay when workers are ill.

“From here, we build further. Unite is determined that other construction employers act to end sick pay discrimination, too.”

By UniteLive team

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