Sourced, bought and manufactured locally

Unite policy conference votes on a motion to promote sourcing, buying and manufacturing locally

Reading time: 2 min

Unite delegates agreed a motion on the second day of conference on Wednesday (July 12) to promote the idea of ‘sourcing, buying, and manufacturing locally’.

The motion was moved by Unite delegate Mick Joyce (pictured main) and delegate Steve Phillips seconded the motion (pictured below).

They highlighted that if companies, organisations and governments at all levels sourced their requirements locally, it could lead to greater employment in highly skilled and well-paid jobs. Indeed, it is estimated that for every employee working for a large, national employer, seven jobs are supported within the local economy.

Other benefits of a sourcing, buying and manufacturing locally strategy include growing communities, increasing employment opportunities, creating sustainable supply chains, and lowering carbon emissions, among many others.

Conference agreed that Unite should actively engage with educators, employers, organisations and government at all levels to advocate and promote a locally sourced, bought and manufactured policy that is less dependent on global supply chains.

The motion was carried.

By Hajera Blagg