St Mungo’s workers to begin indefinite strike

Management indifference smacks of the corporatisation of the charity sector, Unite says

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From Tuesday (June 27) workers at St Mungo’s will stage an unprecedented indefinite strike accusing management of a shocking dereliction of duty towards the homeless and the charity’s own staff.

This momentous decision has been provoked by the ongoing indifference of management who callously refuse to acknowledge the struggle front-line workers face to pay the bills. After tax and deductions frontline workers take home less than £20,000 a year. Many of the workers are now in fear themselves after being unable to pay their rent or mortgage on their current poverty wages

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “The charity’s staff do not take indefinite strike action lightly but they face a desperate situation – they need St Mungo’s to listen and act.

“The indifference of the management to their own staff smacks of the corporatisation of the charity sector. It’s Corporate Britain plc arriving in the charity sector. St Mungos have executives on well over £100,000 a year and the same people insist their workers should exist on poverty wages with actual wage cuts.”

The month-long strike ends on 26 June and the indefinite strike begins on 27 June. Unite balloted over 500 workers across southern England including in London, Bristol, Brighton, Oxford, Bournemouth and Reading. Unite membership has now grown to 800 since the dispute began.

Unite regional officer, Steve O’Donnell said, “St Mungo’s workers are sending a clear message to the Board. Management has lost control. Their failure to take heed of the strength of feeling amongst staff is the reason for this indefinite strike.

“It’s time to save St Mungo’s reputation and enter into genuine constructive negotiations to end this dispute.”

By Ciaran Naidoo