'Still needs to be bolder'

Unite’s reaction to Keir Starmer’s conference speech

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Responding to Keir Starmer’s leader’s speech at Labour conference today (September 27), Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said:

“The real crisis, for everyday families in Britain, is a crisis of wage cuts, frightening energy bills and now soaring rents and mortgages. So Keir Starmer’s promises for change in today’s speech are a start.

“But Labour still needs to be bolder. It must offer a very clear, tangible response to the crisis that people can understand and get behind. Clear blue water has opened up in British politics between Labour and the Conservative government. It’s time to make that count.

“As Labour’s Nye Bevan said as far back as 1953, ‘We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run down’.”

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