Suspend London Dial-a-Ride service call after driver dies

Tragic death leads Unite to call for suspension during outbreak

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Following the tragic death of Unite member Patrick David last weekend from Covid-19, Unite is demanding that Transport for London’s Dial-a-Ride service, for which Mr David worked, be temporarily suspended during the current pandemic.

Mr David had worked for Dial-a-Ride for over 17 years.

The service is specifically for elderly and disabled residents in London who have mobility issues and who could not otherwise use public transport; passengers are collected directly from their homes.

Transport for London (TfL) has worked in conjunction with Unite to minimise the risk to the drivers. This includes introducing measures such as only one passenger per vehicle at any one time and drivers now being provided with sufficient PPE for each customer.

But as drivers also undertake the role of “loader” and help passengers onto vehicles and then fasten them in, it is impossible for vital social distancing to be achieved at all times.

Given the death of Mr David and the vulnerable nature of the passengers that Dial-a-Ride transports, Unite’s membership at the organisation believes that the risk to both passengers and drivers is so great that the service should be suspended – and only restarted when risks have been substantially reduced.

Unite is calling on TfL to work with local authorities to ensure elderly and disabled service users are supported through the many community initiatives that are delivering food and medicines to vulnerable people during this crisis.

Despite Unite’s request to TfL to suspend the service following Mr David’s death, the proposal has currently been rejected.

“The thoughts of everyone at Unite and our members at Dial-a-Ride are with Patrick David’s family at their terrible time,” Unite regional officer Simon McCartney said.

“Given the tragic death of Patrick David and the impossibility for drivers to socially distance from passengers and the very vulnerable nature of service users, Unite regrettably believes the Dial-a-Ride service should be suspended.

“This was a very difficult call for our members to make as many of them have dedicated their lives to working for Dial-a-Ride and they appreciate the service is a lifeline for many of its users.

“Unite believes that the service should be suspended until it is safe to resume.

“It is hoped that TfL recognises the concerns of our members, agrees to suspend the service and works with local authorities to ensure that these elderly and disabled passengers are supported through the many community initiatives that deliver food and medicines to vulnerable people during this crisis.

“Once the service is suspended, Unite is committed to working with TfL to introduce measures to get it up and operating again as quickly as possible,” he added.

During the coronavirus crisis Unite is working to keep workers and the public safe, to defend jobs and to protect incomes.

By UNITElive team @unitetheunion

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