Tata Steel job losses latest

Unite: Tata Steel 'playing games with people's livelihoods'

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Unite has responded to reports that Tata Steel in Port Talbot has rejected plans put forward by trade unions to keep the plant’s blast furnaces operational, which could put more than 3,000 jobs at risk.

It was reported on Thursday (January 18) that Tata Steel told of its intentions at a summit in London and plans to make a formal announcement on Friday (January 19).

Responding to the reports, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “As yet, Tata are still playing games with people’s livelihoods. Whatever and however they announce their plans for Port Talbot, Unite will fight tooth and nail to defend steel workers and our steel industry. We have already clearly demonstrated how and why Tata should be expanding UK steel production in line with growing demand.

The government now needs to step in and step up. This is the time to defend British workers and communities, as well as our industrial base and our national security. More managed decline can only help the UK’s competitors – steel producers in other countries. Politicians need to make the right choices now or they will not be forgiven easily.”

By UniteLive team