The Poet

Unite’s Joy Johnson’s hard-hitting commentary in poetry

Reading time: 2 min

In the Rotunda where once

Lincoln and Kennedy lay in state

rioters carrying confederate flags

spat in the eyes of democracy.

He craved power.

The flames of sedition

lit by a crowd

dangerously devoted to him.

They were beaten. He is beaten.

Power is with the poet.

She is America.

With tears in their eyes an audience

weary of division and hate heard

her poem, a poem of inspiration

a poem of democracy.

Transfixed, past Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama

and President Biden were as one

enthralled by the poet’s dignity.

Her words of harmony and of endeavour.

Donald Trump’s strength weakened

left by the back door

for the sun of Palm Beach.

The golf courses of Florida.

The poet’s poem the Hill We Climb

spoke to the American promise – her promise;

With every breath from my bronze- pounded

chest, we will raise this wounded world into

a wondrous one.

By Joy Johnson, Unite political department

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