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GBA Group's miserable 3.2% pay offer to blame for months of strikes

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Deliveries of VW vehicles including, Audi, Porsche and Skoda models will face significant delays for months to come unless the profitable GBA Group improves its miserable pay offer of just 3.2%, Unite warned today (August 16)

The strike will mean new VW car deliveries in the Southeast, London and beyond face significant delays as workers at Sheerness Docks prepare to strike for two weeks, beginning August 17 and then in September and October.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham said, “GBA Group can afford to pay workers a decent wage. The company is making millions delivering Porsches and Audis while workers struggle to pay the bills. It’s completely unacceptable and the workers have Unite’s unwavering support.”

Luton Airport facing massive disorder as Wizz Air ground handler workers announce strikes

Passengers flying with Wizz Air were warned today (August 16) to brace themselves for substantial delays and disruption after workers employed by its ground handler GH London Ground Handling Services Ltd, announced strike action following a complete collapse in industrial relations.

The dispute is a result of GH London continually targeting and threatening a Unite rep with disciplinary action; the use of CCTV and audio recording of workers in break rooms without agreement; the company’s failure to follow its own disciplinary and grievance process; the disproportionate use of discipline against ethnic minority employees; and its failure to pay wages in full and on time.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “GH London’s conduct is appalling; workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace and the company’s behaviour falls far below that standard.

“Unite always puts the jobs, pay and conditions of its members first and the workers at GH London will be receiving the union’s unflinching support.”

By UniteLive team