Today’s top story is… Unite issues warning to Birmingham commissioners

Unite warns govt - we will not sit back

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Unite issued a stark warning to the government commissioners appointed to run Birmingham council, today, September 19, following the authority effectively declaring bankruptcy, saying that “we will not sit back and allow our members’ jobs to be used to pay for others’ failures.”

Levelling up secretary, Michael Gove, has appointed commissioners to run Birmingham council. They will be responsible for cutting costs and returning the council to financial viability.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “No one should be under any illusion, Unite will never sit back and allow our Birmingham city council members’ jobs to be sacrificed to pay for others’ failures.

“If there is any attempt to cut the jobs, pay or conditions of our members, Unite will fight those proposals using every resource available to the union.

“Whenever there is a crisis its always working people who get targeted to pay the price. But our members did not create the crisis and if unelected faceless bureaucrats think that we will allow the livelihoods of workers to be axed to pay for this mess, then they need a rapid reality check,” she said.

‘Huge’ City of London Corporation pay win

News in today – industrial action by more than 250 workers at the City of London Corporation, the local authority for London’s Square Mile financial centre, has ended after an improved pay deal was secured.

The Unite members voted in favour of the pay deal, which will see most workers’ pay increase by more than 20 per cent, with some workers’ wages increasing by 30 per cent.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “This is a huge win for our City of London Corporation members, who achieved it by standing firm in their union. This result will inspire our members at other local authorities across the UK who are currently taking strike action over pay with the full support of Unite.”

The workers at the City of London Corporation are employed in a variety of roles including security, police staff, grounds maintenance and administrative functions. The workers took part in industrial action in May, with subsequent strikes postponed to allow for negotiations.

Unite regional officer Nick West said: “Well done to City of London Corporation workers for this pay win. The decision to strike is not an easy one, but their commitment to achieving a fair pay rise resulted in the employer putting forward a much improved deal.”

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