Today’s top story is…recognition for DHL workers

Unite secures formal recognition at East Midlands Airport

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Unite secures formal recognition at East Midlands Airport

In a major achievement for Unite, DHL’s 230 workers who undertake ramp duties at the airport, will now have their pay, hours and holiday entitlement negotiated for them.

The deal is also politically significant as East Midlands Airport forms a freeport zone and there have been concerns that these could effectively become trade union free zones.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said, “This is an excellent result and good news for the workers employed by DHL at East Midlands Airport. The workforce now have Unite fully in their corner.

“This recognition deal demonstrates how Unite’s commitment to defending the jobs, pay and conditions of its members is constantly being extended to cover a growing number of workers.”

Unite GS on interest rates

On hearing the news that the Bank of England has belatedly halted handouts to big banks, Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham commented, “I’m glad that the Bank of England has finally listened to the voices of Unite and others, who have been telling them to stop hammering workers for decisions driven by price gouging.

“The only winners from these rate increases have been the big banks, who made almost £30bn of profit in just the first half of this year.”

She concluded, “Now it’s time for the Bank of England to heed its own research and tackle the profiteers driving inflation.”


Compiled by Amanda Campbell